Here's my game, made in 4 days for the #notGDC2019 Jam. 
To play, default keys are Z:  Jump, X:  Fire, Enter:  Start.  Joysticks supported.

I haven't done anything like this in years, was quite the experience!  To fit the minimalism theme, I went with emoji as the sprite graphics.  All the tile graphics, logos, sound effects and music are stuff I either made myself or adapted from public domain.  My apologies to your ears.  I'm not experienced with platformers (shocking, I know) so writing some platform controls was both fun and frustrating.  Air dash mechanics could be exploited a bit more, but only had time for a few levels.  Your momentum is quite reduced when jumping during a dash, so be careful!


3/23/19:  Added a spark to "You Need to Dash" (Level 2) to prevent air jumping past.

Update 5 (3/22/19):  Added back in a level that was accidentally cut from everything unless you found the secret door.  Prevented a crash if you reach the final door!


x.  Licening and Attribution

(Pencil and Honcho):
Some gfx from Twemoji 2.5:
Licensed under CC-BY 4.0:

Bleb Master uses and adapts many emoji from editions of the Noto-emoji set.  Some of these
have also come from "Blob Hub", which you can find here:
The blob graphics themselves are licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

Special thanks to Vulapa for the final 4 levels!

Spoiler:  Tap twice in a direction to dash


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Version 2

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Awesome game. Very hard.

Thanks for playing!